Sample Request Letter

764 Freedom Lane
Clearwater Falls, FL 23619

September 27, 2013

Mr. Louis Henderson
Store Manager
The Corner Cafe
273 Main Street
Clearwater Falls, FL 23619

Dear Mr. Henderson:

My name is Cathy Pettis and I'm the chair of the Clearwater Falls Elementary School Fundraising Committee. The committee is planning to hold a fundraiser next month to raise funds for this years field trips and we're looking for donors to help out with providing goods for the fundraising event.

If The Corner Cafe is willing to help donate some coffee and cups, we would greatly appreciate it. Our fundraiser will be held on the morning of October 18th and we're expecting around 200 people to show up.

Thanks for your time and consideration, if you need to contact me with any questions, feel free to call me at 555-555-5555, I'm available to speak between 10am-5pm on weekdays.



Cathy Pettis

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