Letter Writing Tips

  • Always proofread your letter after writing it, check for sentence structure, grammar, spelling mistakes...

  • Proofread your letter again (and again) after you have revised it.

  • Keep the recipient in mind, and write in a way that he/she can easily understand the letter.

  • Don't use abbreviated dates, e.g. use November 19, 2017, and not 11/19/17

  • Be respectful when you write, even if you are writing a letter of complaint.

    Business letter writing tips

  • Be concise and keep to the point, but don't leave out any important information.

  • Try to keep your letter short enough so that it fits on one page.

  • If your letter is more than a page long, use another page, don't use the back of the page.

  • If you have access to company (or personal) stationary with a letterhead on it, use that instead of regular paper.

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